1. I uploaded logs but nothing happens.

    • First, be sure you triggered a log parsing by clicking on "parse logs" buttons of the uploads page or via the API.
    • On the uploads page, "Uploaded Logs" tab, check your logs status. They may be marked as error. If they are parsed, but higlighted in red, you may have a very high error rate. Click on the magnifying glass to get error details. If they have pending or queued status, wait for logs to be processed.
    • You need to upload at least 2 or 3 days of logs before you start seeing something on the dashboard/overview. On the uploads page, next to "Uploaded Logs" tab you have the "Extracted Days" tab. Check in this tab you have at least 2 or 3 days extracted with "done" status.
    • Your logs should be parsed in chronological order. Once you parsed a log, you won't be able to parse older logs (date before currently parsed day error message). If it happens, you can do a site reset and restart your upload.
  2. I created tags but I don't see them in reports or kpi.

    • First, check with the log tester your tags are detected. You can see the detection in "Tagging report" tab of the log tester.
    • If you just created your tags, they will appear on the next analysis.
  3. What are the supported bots ?

    By default only the GoogleBot traffic is analyzed. You can track more bots on the bot configuration page.

    Any bot can be analyzed. If you don't find the bot you want among the defaut bots, contact the support, we will add it for you.